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Youth Double Wing DVD Series Is On SALE for $29.99 per Disc or the entire set of five discs for $119.00!

The new Youth Double Wing DVD SET is out.  It is a five DVD Set that covers everything in my new Youth Double Wing:  A Winning Youth Football Offense book and much more.

The Double Wing Offense: An Overview
The Double Wing Offense: Installing the Power Series
The Double Wing Offense: Angle Blocking Concepts
The Double Wing Offense: Installing a Wedge Series
The Double Wing Offense: Wedge and Perimeter Blocking Concepts

Each DVD is now on Sale! $29.99 or you can purchase the entire set for $119.99.  Originally the set was $189.99!

It is produced my Championship Productions and it is a great investment if you plan on running the Double Wing! Presentation Schedule:

I will be presenting on over the course of this year.  See schedule below:

New Presentations Coming!
More to come!  $10.00 for the live event.

Register for the Live Clinics - if you miss one catch the recorded show!

Get a sample of what is doing here

This is an outstanding way of getting to ask questions and learn about the YDW and 63 Defense along with a host of other great material from well known coaches! 
I will be doing two presentations; the first will be on quarterback and wide receiver mechanics and the second one will be pass protection schemes in the youth double wing.

The Double Wing Symposium Clinic Is now fully moved to the www.coachsomebody site ran by JJ Lawson.  JJ Lawson is now managing the Double Wing Symposium so any questions on upcoming events please contact him.
Youth Football Defensive Fundamentals
Two DVD Set

Price: $59.98
Bundle Price: $54.99

Shedding & Creating Turnovers Drills (DVD 1)
Tackling & Pursuit Drills (DVD 2)

These DVD's are created specifically to develop defensive fundamentals for youth football teams and are based on twenty plus years of youth
football coaching experience.

If you coach football or play football take the time and watch the video from NATA Spinal Injury Awareness video:

NATA/ NAM Concussion Awareness video:

Check out my link to Championship Productions

The GDW Championship Link lists DVD's that I highly recommend watching from the Championship Production line. They offer some great videos and the ones I have listed are ones I have watched myself and gotten some great information from.  They run some great sales as well.  Simply click on the banner on my site and check out their great content! Don't forget my YDW DVD SERIES is also now on sale for $119.00 or $29.99 per disc!


The Infamous Wall Drill by CoachTurf - a great tool for teaching the DW WB POWER play and how to run it tight and up into the wall.

Double Wing Symposium Video Packages

Check out the great video package deals on!

The GOLD PACKAGE is only $10.95 a month and you have access to every presentation and demonstration from DWS I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII  (50% cut in the package price!)

The TIM MURPHY PACKAGE gives you access to some of his best videos as well as his presentations from the DWS immediately online for $25.00.

The JACK GREGORY PACKAGE gives you access to the GDW, GDW BOBBLE HEAD, and the TRIPLE B along with all of his presentations at the DWS immediately online for $20.00.


All you need is updated Quicktime player to play the video!
Featured Championship Production Product of the Month
Speaking at the 11th Annual DWS
Youth Double Wing
A Winning Youth Offense
Is a Huge Success!

The modern double wing offense is the pinnacle of power and misdirection football. This book covers how to implement it, coach it, and utilize it with a variety of youth football teams. The system as been field tested for over ten years by not only the author but from coaches around the country who sing its praise. The system is simple, efficient, and effective while teaching the core fundamentals of football. The author has taken Don Markham's, inventor of the modern double wing, core principles and made them effective for any age group in youth football. See what some well known double wing coaches are saying about this book:

Order your Ebook at SMASHWORD:  $20.00

Youth Double Wing II:  The Gun!
Direct Snap YDW and More!

This is a 436 page manual on the YDW direct snap variation of this offense.  It also includes advance tactics and schemes for blocking.  A detailed discussion of reading the perimeter triangle as well as a thorough set of appendixs that go into Dynamic Warm Ups, Pass Protection, and Running Back development.

Check out the Article Page for new Presentations I have posted that enhance and explain some of the formations and series I use in this book.  Wordclay my publisher is no longer in business so as I transition to a new publisher only SOFT COPY/EBOOK will be for sale.

EBOOK Copy of the YDW II:  The Gun!

63 Defense
A Winning Youth Defense

The 63 Defense is a combination of the classic read and react defense combined with the pressure concepts of the modern 33 Stack.  It uses zone pass defense concepts and pressure to put the offense in a reaction mode that allows the defense to be aggressive but fundamentally sound.  The defense stresses fundamental football; tackling, pursuit, and turnover creation to create a powerful youth defense that has the flexibility to adapt to whatever you face.  HARD COPY NO LONGER FOR SALE.

Order your Ebook at SMASHWORDS: $25.00
1st Annual 63 Defense Clinic
2nd  Annual Youth Double Wing Clinic
Allen, TX
June 21st:  9 am to 6 pm - YDW Clinic
June 22nd :  9 am to 6 pm - 63 Clinic
Go to clinic page to register (CLINIC)

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